To get lapsed Big Mac lovers to rekindle their love for the iconic sandwich, we broke out all the stops to help remind them why they fell in love with that Special Sauce in the first place. While TV launched with folks renewing their vows with the saucy icon, we assumed
the role of  "wing-man" on social, digital and radio to help everyone Rediscover The Love in other ways.

burger hearts row.png


Like any relationship, when you rekindle the love for your only and only, it's only right you break it off with everyone else. Since we're talkin' Big Macs and not people, we wrote "break-up letters" to call it quits with other foods.



Much like the Big Mac, Atari runner games are also considered a classic. Put the two together, and you've got Big Mac Hero
Players are challenged to run, jump and prove their for the Big Mac by collecting as many of the Big Mac, Mac Jr. and Grand Mac
as possible, all while dodging flailing pizzas and flying tacos. Yes. Flying tacos. 

FWA of The Day


Unlock the game via exclusive SnapCodes on only on McDonald's cups


Influencers received gaming kits designed to look like a classic gaming console boxes. 


People loved it. Some people really loved it.

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We took advantage of a platform where people were already looking for love to get people to rediscover their love for the Big Mac.



Once Big Mac lovers safely crossed over to the "dating-phase", we hit them with some hot and heavy (N)SFW Snap Ads and social posts.