Grandma Has A Life

Finally, Grandma found Chicken Tenders that can pass as hers. Which is nice, because she has better things to do.

Gold Addy (Regional) | Silver Addy (National)


Bring your grandma to mcdonald's day

We kicked off the campaign with an activation to get real grandmas out of the kitchen. It was appropriately titled, Bring Your Grandma To McDonald's Day.


Over 1.6k grandmas and their grandkids stopped by not only to give our chicken tenders their stamp of approval, but to snap a pic in return for being entered to win a weekend getaway for two. After all, with our tenders on their plate, they've got a lot more time on their hands.

Screen Shot 2018-05-24 at 1.14.45 PM.png

Sold out

Shortly after the campaign launched, we sold 10.5 million more tenders than anticipated, leading to a nationwide sellout. A McDonald's first.


The Return

Tenders that good were destined for a comeback. So when they finally did, we celebrated using with the people who were the most hyped about their return in a YouTube Masthead that gained over 4 million views.